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Stephanie Pierucci
Founder, Manifesting Secrets

Expert Mind Hacker Reveals the Science behind "The Secret".  

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From the Desk of Stephanie Pierucci

It’s 2020. 

This is the year that so many spiritual gurus and healers have said is our collective year of “clarity”.
It’s no surprise to me that during this past few months, at the very moment of this writing, the economy has nearly crashed, people have been quarantined to their homes…
… millions are out of work
… and the world has somewhat “stopped”.
As for me, I’m not a spiritual guru.
I’m here because I run a tight balance between faith and skepticism; and because I have been born with an insatiable appetite for verifiable, reliable, testable truth.
It doesn’t mean I’m not spiritual.  Quite the contrary.
But I have always desired a mix of the science with the spirit…
… the harmony of the left and right brains…
… the “yin and the yang”.
After 11 years running successful health and financial education companies, I experienced a crippling family tragedy.
The anxiety and post-traumatic stress following this event led me to herniate a disk in my back, break my foot (twice), and revert to old negative thought systems and programs I thought I’d left behind.
I lost my life savings, my business, and I almost lost my child.
At the time I lived in Aspen Colorado where people ski or snowboard into trees quite often, some becoming paralyzed.
After this tragedy, I was, too, paralyzed.
Of course I could technically walk; although I was in tremendous pain.
But I had a hard time keeping up with my active three year-old son.
So I went to see a neuroplastic healer who had a reputation for healing people with spinal cord injuries; she made the “lame walk” a la Jesus Christ.
I was pretty intrigued.
I can’t believe this, but this healer was able to give me a simple set of meditations and affirmations to rewire my mind for healing…

… and within eight hours of our first meeting I was doing back-walkovers and within 5 days of breaking my foot I was performing balancing postures in yoga *on* that broken foot!

I was SOLD.
I literally SOLD my business and dedicated my entire life to studying the art of manifestation with science.
What you are about to see as you embark on the 90-day brain training program in Manifesting Secrets is the real “secret” behind the popular positive-thinking book called The Secret.
The truth is that “The Secret” is NOT A SECRET.

The way to manifest what you want in life is through reliable, provable, scientifically supportable techniques that appeal to both the most staunch, scientific minds as well as the most free-spirited and otherwise “woo-woo” among us!

Join me in Manifesting Secrets today so that you, too, can experience FREEDOM.
Create the love, health, wealth and happiness you deserve.

Start here.

Thank you so much for Being you and believing in yourself.
Stephanie Pierucci
Founder of Manifesting Secrets

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