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Commonly Asked Questions about Manifesting Secrets

From the desk of Stephanie Pierucci, CEO

  • What is Manifesting Secrets?
  • Who is it for?
  • Where Does The Program Take Place?
  • How is Manifesting Secrets Different from Other Manifestation Courses?
  • What kind of support do you offer Manifesting Secrets students?
  • When does my 90-day course start?
  • What types of payment do you accept?
  • Can’t I Just Learn All of This Online For Free?
  • What if I’m Not Technically Savvy?
  • Do You Have One-On-One Coaching Available?
  • Do you offer a guarantee – can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?
What is Manifesting Secrets?

Manifesting Secrets is a course designed to liberate your brain from any patterns, thoughts, behaviors, and beliefs that are holding you back from living your best life.
Manifesting Secrets is a program designed in collaboration with 42 expert scientists, doctors, coaches and healers that gives you the ability to manifest more of what you want in just 90-days with reliable, permanent, and scientifically-proven methods.
Who is it for? 
Manifesting Secrets is for anybody who identifies with the following three phrases:
1)  “I choose to change my subconscious programs to create more freedom and abundance in my life.”
2)  “I believe in my ability to change.”
3)  “I am willing to devote 15-30 minutes each day for 90 days to become a master of my mind.
Where Does The Program Take Place? 

Manifesting Secrets is designed to be done at a self-pace.
You will receive a physical copy of your reading and workbook, but your videos, meditations, affirmations, and audio training are all beautifully contained within your members area.
Each day you will open up your workbook to find journal prompts, reading and worksheets as well as a checklist for anything you need to complete from your Members Area to satisfy that module.
Modules are broken up into thirty sections over 90 days.
How is Manifesting Secrets Different from Other Manifestation Courses? 
Manifesting Secrets is different from other courses that rely on positive thinking and superstition to “will” a desired outcome into existence.  The truth is that there is real, reliable science to manifestation.  We believe that in order to create a different reality in your life, you start by thinking different thoughts.  There is a way to alter your brain to make these abundant, peaceful, loving, and joyful thoughts subconscious, or “automatic”.  This makes your best life more effortless and manifestation becomes fun!
What kind of support do you offer Manifesting Secrets students?
Manifesting Secrets students can receive support in the following ways: 
Message us on Instagram
Message us on Facebook
Send us an Email
Call us at 1.844.Super-MO
When does my 90-day course start? 
Once you sign up here, you will receive immediate access to your program.  While you are waiting for your workbook to arrive in the mail, you can download your book and workbook in PDF form immediately.
What types of payment do you accept? 
We accept credit cards payments of Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  If you prefer to pay through Paypal, please contact support to let us know that you have sent your tuition to Stephanie@MomsWearCapes.com.  Paypal will not allow the 4-pay option, only full-pay.
Can’t I Just Learn All of This Online For Free?
You can learn much of what we teach in the Manifesting Secrets program online for free.
However, because so much of our training is proprietary methodology developed by our Neuro-functional mentors, Manifesting Secrets is truly a one-of-a-kind program with progressive manifestation information that literally is NOT published anywhere else either by book, internet, or otherwise.
What if I’m Not Technically Savvy? 
If you can handle simply logging into your account at www.manifestingsecrets.com/login with an email address and password, you will be perfectly equipped to handle the online Manifesting Secrets content; it’s as easy as logging in and pressing “play”.  It’s like YouTube for Manifesters!
Do You Have One-On-One Coaching Available? 
If you are interested in a private Manifestation Coach, please contact us at support@manifestingsecrets.com where we will pair you up with a coach who can help you make the most of your Manifesting Secrets Training.
Do you offer a guarantee – can I get a refund if I’m not satisfied?
Absolutely.  Please enjoy the program for 30 days with a 100% safe Money Back Guarantee.  If you don’t love the program, contact us before your 30-day window from purchase date has passed and we’ll refund your money in-full.

If the product you purchased included physical courseware – a book, CD, DVD, etc., – the courseware must be returned before a refund will be processed. All returns must be postmarked within thirty (30) days of the purchase date. All returned items must be in good condition.

Coaching Calls or Done For Your Services Refund Policy
Because we offered access to so much value the refund policy on this product differs. There are no refunds on any of these products or services.